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Started playing this riff last night, makes me think of a @bandofskullsofficial song. Either way, sounds super heavy thanks to my @seymourduncanpickups and
A windy day.
Cuba 04.2017 - Capital Gains
Together we Celebrate You (@bianciaxo),
Oh my heavens shes ADORABLE!
Thank you so much for making UMH
Able to conduct like and orchestra 🌊.
Sony A7rii
Di dalam laut itu jauh lebih indah daripada di daratan - bapak marcel
I refuse to accept other peoples ideas of happiness for me. As if theres a one size fits all standard for happiness. - Kanye West
#blackandwhite #kid #curls
shell show you her golden snitch ⚡️#tbt #drag
D E P T H 🔭 O B S E S S E D
DOF | Geometry | Bokeh