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Thankful for Springtime
✩ 26 de abril, 2017 ✩

Finalizamos en el antiguo claustro jesuita de la antigua universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (S XVll), actual Paraninfo de la univ
Sunset walk in the village, one of many things I find hard to do alone. But I have legs that work and eyes that need to see beauty. So I make myself go. [S
Wednesday vibes...
police limit. #williampennwednesday
✩ 26 de abril, 2017 ✩

Continuamos en la ciudad de Zacatecas, México. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⠀ ⠀
📷 Foto  @gabyrocha6
〽️Los in
uh oh, time to call IT support 🚌 04.26.17
Lovely little rental 🙃
Hola Amigos 🙋🏼#havanacuba
And the sun came out . Early Spring garden ... Love the way that one ray is hitting my first official planting of the season . Kind of made my day . Hey fi
Kite surfers. I dont think I could do it if I tried a zillion times! So fun to watch. I cant believe that our time here on Oahu volunteering at Puu Kahe
Natural curiosity.......
Missing the beach