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Our experienced massage therapists are here to provide everything from relaxation to deep tissue! Make some time for yourself, youll be glad you did.
Just some feedback from my clients in the last couple weeks 💕
I always follow up with my clients but more importantly I work on their concerns and towar
Haft konstant mørke mærker (kraftig stagnation i blodet)  de 2 samme steder. Mørkheden aftog ikke ved hver cupping behandling, så prøvet vi med Wet cu
Hot stone massage on a Monday is the way to go.
#relaxation #massage #hotstone #amylous #stoneybatter
We are now offering #NettleTea here at kearny wellness. Nettle tea is a delicious and beneficial beverage that can ease pain, soothe allergies, improve the
🤗❤️ love my clients. Its the small things 😘
Not a member? Thats okay! You can save $20 off of our spa packages and $10 off of our gift card price list ! 😊 #HandandStone #spa #flourtown #philadelp
Ahhh so needed! Love the hot stones!! #hotstone #hotstonemassage #pedi #pedicure #muchneedes #relaxation #ahh
Hot Stone therapy sessions are the truth! Not only are your muscles and body relaxed after your session... your mind is clear and allergies are alleviated
Prepping for an Opulent Bliss massage! Adding in aura quartz crystals today for energetic synergy and chakra boost!! Call and schedule your Opulent Bliss e
2nd pic: Roast Duck & Fatty Char Siu (M) - RM 32.9
3rd pic: Volcano Beancurd - RM 11.6
4th pic: Boiled Soup - RM 18.8
Not in pics: 2 plain noodles (RM 3.5
Were excited to announce our Mothers Day special! This year give your mom or the special woman in your life something she truly deserves, an hour of rela
Our one day accredited #massage diplomas include:

Eastern Fusion #WarmBamboo Back Massage
Eastern Fusion Hand and Arm Massage
Eastern Fusion Foot and Leg

massage technique done only on the stomach in order to get to the emotional causes of deep rooted dis-ease.


Een massage gecombineerd met warme stenen die ervoor zorgen dat je dieper bij de spieren komt. Het stimuleert de orgaanfuncties, zorgt
Hello Monday !
Happy public holiday 
Spend time with family.
Tomorrow get back to work ya..❤❤ Available slots for tommorow.

Please booking ur slot via