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Did someone say Birthday cake!?? Happy birthday to my best buddy today! Cant believe he is 5 already!! #yeti_custom #labrador #springador #dog #woof #bi
Yesterday I met @crazyredaussies 🐲 guys! Rooney is my size! Rooney and I went for a walk and had a great time. •
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she loves to spend the day on the river while Im fishing. Glad to get back to work however my fracture eye socket hurts like a bitch.
When you go camping and find out that theres going to be 50 little scouts/cubs running around singing camp fire songs, telling scary stories but mainly co
weve never seen a pup so excited to receive mail 🐾 thanks for the sample pack @honestkitchen 😊 i think we found odells new backpacking meals
Im kinda tired but mom says we have to keep going! Training hikes are fun! #training #buzzardroost #blackhills #blackhillssd #rainyday #dogs #doglife #lab
Home should be an anchor ⚓️, a port in a storm 🌪, a refuge, a happy place in which to dwell, a place where we are loved and where we can love ❤
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Another gorgeous day for an adventure - rumor has it my girl Sally gets to join in on the fun today!
I just wanted to take the flowers home and hide them in my crate but nooo
A Sunday morning PSA!
A year ago today, I started throwing photos of Tali onto this designated account because, well, I have an obnoxious habit of taking too many photos of her
Thats hiking!!! 🗻✨🐾
Saw this beautiful Rosy Boa last night while mountain biking. These are friendly snakes, if Brandy has to encounter a snake I hope it would be one of these
Lokke is giving me the inquiring look wondering why I stopped, wanting me to continue walking🐾
#bordercollie #dog #animal #mountains #outdoors #moun
I love how much he loves adventuring
This is my entry for #MarvelsNature hosted by @pepper.phillips @thetalesofmarvel @oli_the_aussie