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My hi hats! Theres not much to know, except the top one is a 14 Sabian Solar hi hat bottom, which is bright, and the bottom is a 14 zbt hi hat bottom (th
My ride! Its a 20 Zildjian ZBT. Its a pretty overall solid cymbal and i have dampened it with a strip of electrical tape and a piece of Moongel. It has a
My stack! The bottom cymbal is a bent 16 Sabian Solar crash. The cymbal is cheap piece of shit that has almost no sustain whatsoever. It came with my firs
My right crash! Its a Wuhan 18 medium-thin crash. Its actually darker than the DARK MATTER but it still seems very bright until compared to another crash.
My left crash cymbal! Its a Dream 18 DARK MATTER crash. It has a surprisingly bright tone, although a relatively short sustain, it cost me about $170 new
#Repost @illmindproducer๐Ÿšจnew beat tape ๐Ÿšจ EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN ๐ŸŒน Available tomorrow 10AM link in bio (includes stems) www.blapkits.com
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Music Producers eliminate beat block and get inspired instantly with this new kit. 
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More Sabian goodies! 13 HHX xecellerator hats :D lets hope these guys arent as loud as my other 13s #cymbalday #sabian #HHX #hihats #drums #newgearday
Fooling around! Trying out my new 12 Avedis Zildjian Hi-HATS and Im playing with shoes on :0 I never do that! 
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Ina #Studio Cooking ๐Ÿณ It Up On A #Sunday #FLStudioLife #producerlife #808s #HiHats #VerseKingzMusic #viciouskingzdamovie