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Coachella vibes from IL
On the pursuit to happiness. 🍃💡🙏🏾 @champagnepapi 💕 #madibariddim 🌺 📸:@lenswild ✨
Summer sunday with raspberry lipstick, tree swings, frisbee and getting home with dirty feet, a happy heart & feeling soulfully fulfilled 🍭🍒🍓 Laug
Good morning from the state of Texas!  Every morning I get to see this view and I always think, how awesome would it be that this could be my view every da
My hubby told me a quote the other day
Those that have a messy workspace are successful people and actually get more done! Thanks to an #npr podcast Cons
Happy Monday people! Mondays can be so cliché in regards to a fresh start. But really, dont you think were lucky that EVERY SINGLE WEEK, we are able to
snacking at lounge cafe of #okadamanila #happinessproject #bff #buddies
Happy Monday morning! What a great opportunity we have to be able to start new every single day. Dont waste your gift today, make it count. 
Make it a gre
All truths start from within. Please seek to better understand your inner self. What motivates you? What stories do you filter your life through? What make
Happy Monday!! As a new week stretches ahead of us, Im reminded that sometimes we are sunshine for someone else and sometimes we are sunshine for ourselve
The Bs lost yesterday and I am losing this morning
Whos guilty of putting themselves down? 🤦🏽‍♀️ The negative self talk we have can be so damaging. Think about it. Would you ever mutter those s
Theres a magic in the summer. 🌊🌞 #vgdaily #vgwanders
We’ve all heard the “one door doesn’t close without another opening” yet when opportunity comes knocking MOST people turn a blind eye! 
We settle b
Quote 97 - 24th April 2017
Rise & Shine💎🌞This is a friendly reminder!! For the past few years I was adapting to my reality and believing I wasnt able to dream outside of my da
Flâner dans les rues de Malaga Andale .. Andale  
I want you to know 
one thing. 
You know how this is: 
if I look 
at the crystal moon, at the red branch 
of the slow autumn at my window, 
if I
lets start the game 👿 #annvillerunsaway #solaireresort #happinessproject