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In the studio and just wanted to share with you my passion for not wasting and upcycling as much as possible. ♻

1: Here are offcuts from other books tha
Cuando la aventura comienza desde el momento que preparas el destino #emiliobraganotebooks #handmadenotebook #notebook #viajaresvida #nextjourney #coffeeti
105/? #DailyIllustrationbyPia 🎼 Take That - Get ready for it
Notebook handmade 
สมุดแบบใหม่มาแล้วค่ะ (: 🔷 เป็นทรงหกเหลี่ยม 
“ Like any great love, it keeps you guessing
Like any real love, its ever-changing
Like any true love, it drives you crazy ”

#BaerettheLoveStory in t
Новый тег в стиле #шеббишик ;)
Neki novi, neki stari, i neki upakovani notesi...
Pinta que te pinta🎨
Domingo creando cosas bonitas con mensajes bonitos❤️😍🦋
A partir del martes en @imaginehandmade 👉www.facebook.com/imagin
Блокноты для записи своих планов, списков и идей. Беру заказы уже на конец мая.
🌟310 ст
ยังสั่งกันได้อยู่นะค่ะ ^^ เซ็ตสมุดสวยๆเลยนะ🌿🔹🌿💙 ซื้อเ
Have a fabulous Sunday! 🙌❤ Im going to post these making of videos on Sunday morning from now on.  Making of Week 15
#DailyIllustrationbyPia #DIBPmak
Thank you to everyone who commented on my #followfriday post 🤗 I wanted to highlight one awesome maker on my page from the comments yesterday (it was a
The final product
#bookarts #bookbinding #handmadenotebook #handmadejournals