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No matter what it is weve faced,
Its now part of us.
No matter what weve faced in this life,
We Can Overcome. - @asilaydying
Man merkt, dass man im Beintraining alles richtig gemacht hat, wenn die Beine richtig warm werden 😂 danach gleich mit diesem grünen Gemüseteller vollg
Rough workout day for me...not sure whats up... #legday #fitcouple #nolafitness
HAPPY HUMP DAY! I swear this mornings leg sesh had me laid out! 😩Currently putting together photos of my nutrition that has helped me on my snapback jo
@hp_fitand_food had to repost this 💪🏽👌🏽 dont forget water and sleep !!! ✨✨ eating REAL food has made the biggest change in my life and I c
Another killer Body Step class! When youre on the brink of death but you pull through cause aint no punk bitch 😎and throw in a good arm workout and my
Killed back day at 1 a.m. this morning because I was on swing shift.
Its my second favorite day but my best asset, at the moment. #organikbehavior #afrogi
Are you looking for a #waisttrainer ??? Come and see me at @padgettmedicalcenter I have all sizes and they come in different colors , also available for me
🙋🏻 Just me myself & I
Arbonne protein powder is super easy to take on the go! For those busy days that you cant fix yourself a nice healthy meal, Arbonne saves the day! #arbonn