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Questa mattina ho voluto provare le fette biscottate integrali e devo dire che mi piacciono molto! 😍 Inoltre, avendo meno carboidrati, ho potuto mangiar
Lo so, è da tantissimo che non posto, infatti pubblicherò le altre varie colazioni non presenti già sul profilo. 
In questo
Nigdy, nigdzie nie szukałam motywacji i chęci do działania - wiecznie mi się czegoś chce. Zaraz sprawdzę w necie czy jest taka choroba jak lęk prze
Quads hurting 😱😳😤...I wonder why 🤔🙄☝️💪 ah well can only mean they are going to get bigger 😬🙌😍👌
#fitfam #fit
Thanks to the farewell present of my dear colleagues at DrEd Online Doctors I am now exercising in (German) style! Thanks guys, I love the shirt and it fit
Pistol squats am Trx - starting at the bottom 💪 wenns frei noch nicht gut klappt, ist das Üben mit dem Trx eine tolle Alternative ☺️ #weights#train
❌Excuses Workout 🏋Move of the Day
High knee + Hop in the lower Leg
45sec work (MaxPower) ,15sec Rest X3sets

#acecertifiedpersonaltrainer #strongnotsk
Dziś śniadanko duuuze 😉 jajecznica i smoothie bowl w słoiku 😀🎆 #smoothiebowl #herbatka #jajecznica #sniadanie #breakfast #fit #fitfood #food #g
🍩OMG!?! 1st 100 GET 50% OFF!!! Seriously, Galaxy Donut Compression Pants, how can you not?!?! @livesore just launched both Mens Onyx Cut & Womens Ange

Last nights chicken ramen at @wagamama_uk with @lottiloop never had ramen before but it fit my new macros perfectly for yesterday so thought I would give
Basejumpers im Hot Iron 2, dienstagabends in Sachsenhausen mit all den fleißigen Ladies and Gentlemen. 💪🏻😀
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Tb to my different comps. Time to be self critical. Definitely didnt come in as lean last week as last year. Disappointing as I wanted to showcase my subt
Czy Wy też tak czekacie na weekend majowy? Ja mega potrzebuję odpoczynku, taki totalny chill, bez stresu i codziennego biegu. Niby ostatnio było trochę
To dobry dzień żeby zrobić coś fajnego! Na przykład iść do pracy 😂 👌dzień dobry 😊 😇 
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