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Break Time ...🌿🙏🏻✨🌱
LACUSTRE / Chacha by Iris / Digigraphie, Print on Canvas limited 200 ex.
Numbered & signed by Chacha by Iris  60x90cm 40x
Люблю начинать день со смузи🍃
Маленький рецепт от меня:
- 1 спелый банан 🍌
Track n hike... #hiking #hikingadventures  #freshair🍃  #nature #greenlife  #savetheforrest
Z I M M E R P F L A N Z E D E S M O N A T S // die Bananenpflanze bekommt im industriell angehauchten Interieur ihren großen Auftritt und streckt ihre rie
Lately I heard someone say: I hate circus because of the cruelty to the animals! I totally agree and thats why I am vegan but this person is not, shes a
Moments of the highest order. 
Healthy is the maat within Self introspection and clarity. Light Code Energy provides all that is needed to travel through
All this plastic packaging for 1/2 a pumpkin is seriously ridiculous 😥
И снова хорошие новости! Была в восторге, когда увидела в Organic shop новую натуральную зу
Inauguramos nuestra cuenta un 29 de Abril - Día Mundial de los Animales. 💗 Porque amamos los animales 💗 Los animales son amigos, no comida. 🐶
@Regrann from @ivzqz5000 -  A shot from earlier today.  Taking part of the new @itwgear set for a stroll. #intothewild #itw #theonewithgreenhills #outdoor
Ich will jetzt Sommer ...🌿
Das Bild ist von letztem Sommer in den Vogesen!
Nun haben wir neue Pläne geschmiedet für die Pfingstferien... seid ihr auch