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MONDAY Classes:
5:30am Pam
8:00am Spinning with Lacey
9:30am Pam
4:00pm Bill
5:45pm Yin Yoga with Chris
#spinning #yoga #vinyasa #yinyoga #fitness #gratitu
❤❤❤ I left France today with a heart full of joy, strength and a renewed sense of contentment and faith that I havent felt in a long time. I also fe
This weekend has been better than the past seven days put together and Im so grateful for it. #weekendvibes #gratitude #positivevibes #thingsarelookingup
@benjaminclementine Winston Churchills Boy is my superhero music 🥋
One of my favorite photos ✨💙 See you soon J
Become so enthralled by the natural stimulation of positive influence until you awaken that of which youve known all along... adding to it the creation of
No filter. A vibrant shade when the world is still asleep.... a lone satellite, a crimson shade mixed and combined, soft fluffy clothes, peace and silence.
A reminder to appreciate lovely sunshine and summery weather, even in a cold, rainy day. ❤️💛💚Photo credit to Vivian. #spring #summer #aprilshower
Good morning 🌞🌻🌞🌻🌞 I spent a relaxing morning, wandering around my garden at first light, watching my garden wake up. Then the sun came up a
Whats yours? 💫
Im on a mission to inspire the world to live in love, regardless of race or religion.
I only.
Fuck with
Authentic ass energy and vibes.

I give thanks for every single being on my Path. 
You my mirror, my teacher, my healer
Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exer
Its that time again beautiful people!!! I shall be doing a Giveaway very soon for thanking you all for enabling me to reach 400+ followers 😙😙😙 St
On the eve of two years on the road, and as the end of this adventure approaches (whats next; they ask? I still dont know, but I feel it coming and I fin
Leaving Bend with a heart full of happy. These teens reminded me that their visions for the world are that of justice, equality, access, and kindness. I ca
Sorria com a Alma, não apenas com os Lábios.. #LoveMyLife #LoveMyWorld  #Opposite #PositiveVibes #ILoveMySelf #Gratitude
Sunrise breakfast on sunshine beach #sunshinecoast #noosa #sunshinebeach #blessed #gratitude #love #paradise
To some its the weekend to others it another day of putting in work. The grind dont stop