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Thank you lottery scratchers, Winner Winner chicken dinner!!! 💥💥💥💥💥 #makeithappen #me 🅱️🅾️🅾️♏️💣💣💣🤙🏻💪
Todays lower body workout..... got that 🍑burning 🔥and pumped 👏🏻😜💖😆
Lower body day is my fav... When I train legs I make them my bitch
Happy hump day!
If you want your life to be different, you have to be willing to do something different first
Hey #FITFAM 💪🏻 So my first shape check in weeks 🤷🏼‍♀️
I have been off gym for almost a month... Lost some muscle, gained some fat 🤷
Wonderful if you can lift a million lbs and wonderful if you can push up in a handstand, if your still an asshole then whats the point?! #dontbeanasshole
Dentist first thing this morning now headed to the gym to work legs... and I may have a slight addiction.... these parsnip chips are AH.maze.ing.. And a fi
Never put a limit on what you can do👏🏼
Today is a double fizzy kinda day! Ill take all of the natural, metabolism boosting, craving surpressing energy i can get! ❤️🌱😋
Listen!!! I looked into this becoming a certified trainer to try to broaden my knowledge on the fitness realm but its nothing good about yoga people misuse
Love getting in early morning workouts whenever possible! Dropped in at the 5am class and got my booty whooped! Already crushed legs twice this week and th
#wcw...can I do that? I know Ive said it before but @buffbunny has been a major inspiration to me since I started my journey. Shes proof of what hard wor
Glute/hamstring exercise for #humpday 🍑🍑🔥🔥 .
Dont be fooled by this exercise! It might look easy, but trust me if yo
Changing your practice and the way you move can help you progress faster. The body loves repetition initially, but can plateau if you never mix it up. In t
Guilt free pancakes post back & bis 💪 •1 egg
•1 pot of Feel Free Nutrition protein porridge (available at @discount_supplements)
•Skimmed milk/ wa
Im glad that you are alive ✨
Glutes workout 🔥🔥
Estes são os meus exercícios favoritos específicos para glúteos. Apesar de tentarmos especificar o músculo,nunca o conseguim
Getting this lower back and #glutes in order😅#humpday#fitfreak#squats#lunges#deadlifts#diet#cake#sculpting#body#fitfam#butlift#allnatural
Schleichwerbung 😉
I kicked some hardcore ass today! Cize is truly a phenomenal workout and I definitely recommend it to YOU💪💃I was able to get through it for the first