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Wanting to hit your core and glutes at the same time?
Try this exercise! Add a resistance band to really feel that burn 🔥🔥
Dont nobody got time for fat☝🏼💁🏼
Heute gabs #backday ohne meine @caty.re Und der Bizeps platz
1,5 hour of Full body workout today at the gym. Feeling really good and enjoying every single exercise 😜😬#gym #gymrat #dedication #monday #nopainnoga
Meal Prep underway Like 🎶🎶🎶🎶.
When you fail to plan.. You plan to fail right? .

Coached by @gymsamwise 
Teammates : @gayboy_deadlifting @vanes
trainning back at gym on a monday morning just feels amazing :D

I have really missed gym lol
(Says no one ever)

BUT You Really cant beat that after worko
Tiny pancake stack- raise your hand🙋🏼if you followed me when I used to have pancakes for breakfast more than eggs 😮(blasphemy) anyway these messy
That front & side pose😏
My strenght was on point today! Worked up my hip thrust to 110 x 10 x 4 so i feel guuuuuud today🤗 Also high carb day so yesss
Monday -no-fun-day right here! Got this guy knocked out of the way-and it wasnt pretty-not one second of it 😕. Woke up early(dang menopause) so headed
HAPPY monday 😀 Up and out early for a morning walk with my husband and our fur-babies then hit the gym at 9am since my course wasnt starting till 10 to
Homemade Almond Cappucino ☕️❤️ Its no Starbucks but if you dont have a coffee machine at home and are a student who wants to save money this does
For breakfast was two whole meal toasts with avocado and scrambled eggs (that my sister unfortunately burnt) also used no milk or butter for them and sprin
1 week and 5 days till my moms first show..thank goodness, because I am tired of getting up at 4 for fasted cardio ❤️💪🏼😀#boxer#girlswholift#NM
#mondaymotivation💕... Choose quality over quantity👌🏻... #mindfulliving #mindfuleating ▫️
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Today was a goooddddd day at the office 🙌👊💪officially down 3% body fat in 5 weeks,  with 2 increases in food! Got an increase again today, because
I stayed at my mum and dads last night and I remembered I took some shit quality, shit lighting, no flattering underwear, no posing photos last July, just
Big class this morning down at @missfit_marbella 
Week 4 and we are starting to ramp this boot camp up to a different level!

Who is ready for summer 😎
#inshot #golf#golfcourse#gym#girlswholift#love#sport
Breakfast this morning after a 3k walk in the sunshine with a coffee☀️
I made pesto scrambled eggs (dont knock it til youve tried it...honestly!) us