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Back on the daily grind after a week in cancun, noticed a difference after not eating properly and just drinking 5 X my body weight a day. Now back to prep
сколько в моей судьбе
было ненужных встреч
но я скажу себе
эта игра стоит свеч!!!!#sport #s
Mal biste der Baum und mal biste der Hund 🌳🐕Gut wenn man an Tagen, an welchen man der Baum ist, Kollegen um sich hat, die einen mit #rhabarberkuche
Agobiada con el peso? A veces nos obsesionamos con los num con pesar 10 kg menos sin fijarnos q cuando estamos musculadas pesamos más aunque estemos más
Moin Kinners! Wünsche euch einen guten Start in den Tag. Hier nochmal ein Bild von gestern. Pre Workout, danach war ich tot 😂 #pictureoftheday #legday


Tu auras : • Semaine de detox • Remise en forme • 2 FIT CHALLENGE par semaine
• Coaching per
Look in the mirror. Its you vs you. Dont ever compare yourself to others. Just focus on becoming the best version of yourself you could be. Try to become
Hands up if youre ready to conquer Wednesday. Lets do this together! Ems training can help you lose weight in only 30 minutes. Call us now at 04-3855353
How I feel as of late. 3 #goals #getfit #loveyourself
I remember when I use to lift weights and it was fun . Those days are gone
Everyone else struggling to survive and Im over here trying to tell myself carbs are your friend and keep eating more....gotta stay full and come in big,
My new found love 💕POKÈ BOWLS 🙌🏼 Pokè Bowls are a Hawaiian delicacy which have (thankfully) made their way onto the tables of many cafes and hea
Posted my experience on my struggle with losing the last couple kilos on my Facebook page today.
Head on over and let me know what you think! Link is in my