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The Dungeness Castle
Established in :1885
Burned down:  1959
It is moments like these, I really wish I could travel back in time. I have so many questi
Today was a comfy kinda day and I had to wear my new Flamingo sweater to keep me warm. Its currently available in ALL sizes and under $29! 
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A few years ago I got into the habit of cleansing after a trip so unwanted energies dont make their way back home with me. I really enjoy Palo Santo wood,
Her soul was too deep to explore by those who always swam in the shallow end. (A.J. Lawless) 🌏

My only advice: Explore the depths. 
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Story time: we once had this 30-min long talk with this guy while carpooling then we happened to run into him again at an event. And now were really good
Nope ✋🏼
Double vision #florence
📷 of the day: @meredyddjane
Tag #shoeboxtravel to get featured 🍝
Dirty ground, sparkly shoes 💕
When at @jodiemcgregorflowers 💗⭐️😝🌈
ive been sick the past two days and i cried at that 70s show
Raise your hand if youre down for a giant Instagram taco party 🙋 🌮 I seriously love you guys and wish we could all teleport to one place and hang ou
Dek eleng-eleng kata-kata ku iki, kue bakalan tak perjuangkan selawase.
TALK | Have you signed up for our @wmn_space event yet? Thursday May 4th, doors open at 6:30 pm and well get started at 7 pm with our signature workshop.
Rugs on rugs on rugs! 💁🏼🙌🏻 The other day I went on a road trip to source rugs, and I honestly loved every moment of it. I got some drop dead go
My swan song: Ed Sheerans What Do I Know? The power of love, understanding, and positivity is strong, and Im grateful for my Furman experience that tau
Macapat (Javanese Poetry)
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Final cocktails 🍸