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The best photo youll see today... #GraciesLeo
Playing Football With Your Feet Is One Thing, But Playing Football With Your Heart Is Another...⚽💥💣🔥
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🇪🇸😱 Meanwhile in Spain, Javier Mascherano has scored his first competitive goal in 2,617 days.
Juggling 3 children, their sports ⚽🏇 and the endless stream of birthday parties 🎁 means Daddy Moo and I spend a lot of the weekend apart. But this
Spot on 👌😂 (via @tdot_italians)
Gary Lineker
⚽ Leicester City 1984 ⚽
📌 Facebook: Figurine storiche Calciatori Panini
📌 YouTube: Figurine Storiche
Javier Alejandro Mascherano é um futebolista argentino que atua como volante e zagueiro. Atualmente defende o Barcelona fez o seu primeiro golo histórico
Top 5 Green Bay Packers of all time.
3: Aaron Rodgers / QB
Rodgers currently plays for the Packers and has been since 2005. Rodgers is often considered the
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