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Chia puddings ft the rainbow😂 The pink and blue bases have natural food colouring to jazz them up a bit and excite the kids...which they did. The top ha
✔︎Salad(lettuce,tomato,okra,avocado,olive,cottage cheese)
✔︎Omelette(1 Whole egg,3 egg whites,Komatsuna,Shimeji mushrooms)
about 330kcal(P:30gF:20g
1️⃣ FOOD CHOICES: As you get deeper into your cut, youll be in a greater caloric deficit, which means youll have less calori
Weekend Vibes 🤙🏼 The weather has been absolutely gorgeous ☀️🌲So happy to finally see the sunshine 🌻🌻
#northidaho #idahome #coeurdalene
A day ago, I sautéed my favorite veggies low and slow until perfectly tender. So far, I have made whole wheat quesadillas (with light cheese for bind), an
This is what happens when I havent seen my PT @keepitmoving_fitness for 2 weeks 😂😂
Not quite sure what we were doing but our attempt to take pics wa
Shout out to all my ladies there working on their thighs to be summer ready! Heres a #kinetix tip for today!  Lie on your left side, supporting head with
Remember what we learned today, and put it into practice next week, we dialed in that RETURN phase, when coming in towards the tank while rowing
So glad to get these in the mail Thursday!!!
Id been feeling a bit off the normal routine without my daily vitamins and fish oils, two of the most impo
Pra quem também tá em casa nesse sábado à noite e vai ficar vendo série na Netflix 📺 aí vai um jeitinho de fazer pipoca usando apenas milho pra pi
🌱 S U N D A Z E 🌱 5th week of meal preps sorted and feeling really good about my consistency! I have my snacks which are 3x bags of celery sticks, tw
Broke out the grill tonight ☀️ {chicken breast peppers, zucchini & onion kebabs, roasted peppers & onions, baked sweet potato fries and salad w/ lemon
For Day 6 of #hopefultwists it was all about #twistedcrow. This one didnt come easy for me. This challenge has helped me find the poses I need to work on