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Who else loves yoga? I just started two days ago and let me tell you, I feel AMAZING after each session. 
#mombod #mombodgoals #run #running #iifym #bbg #f
The past few days have definitely been rough finding out truths from people you thought you could trust, getting back into a proper work routine, finding t
Not sure if you can see the changes but I clearly can!!! 😭💓 I was 39 kg and now Im 46
I have been feeling 🤕today and my shoulders were super tight but its the last day of #HappyHipsAndHammies with this really difficult #visvamitrasana po

Happy May Day! Im currently in Finland enjoying my well deserved holiday. May Day is one of the biggest holidays in Finland and traditionally i
Once upon a time you was a little girl with big dreams that you swore to yourself youd make real. Dont disappoint yourself! 💚
#GymFits Powered by livesore.com.au
The rundown:
@LiveSore - Blue Booty
Livesore - ShortsNeon Green Bra
Sunbathing in Bangkok... bliss ✌🏼
Goodmorning! Vanavond staat er weer een gezellige training op t programma! Wie doet er mee? 19.00 Museumplein! #museumplein #roelthissummer #roelpersonaltr
LOW CARB Zuchinni Brownies! 75 calories, 3g fat, 3g protein & 8 carb. Can you even beat that? Who wants the recipe!!! Its such a satisfying dessert you gu