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The way babies sleep: Peace, yall. Im here. 👉 Our church is hosting John Crowder this weekend, and meanwhile I got a dizzy spell that was so intense I
wOWZA i forgot to be a good person and actually post on this acc!! but here we are now!! today this little nugget made me happy!!! #findthehappy
Went to an incredible bookstore today. More all about how I found my happy there on the blog. (Link in profile) #findthehappy .
#sharethehappy #sel
Saturday sweets. 🌈 #macarons #cookies #dessert #treats #rainbow #homelife #treatyoself #findthehappy
When your gym fam agrees to join you for a Saturday morning lunge party!!! @tandre91 @carolinagaleckas even if you were party poopers and ba
Art is EVERYWHERE. We went exploring yesterday and found this church. Whether you agree with what they teach or not, the detailed masterful work that goes
Gypsy and Pickle... Happiness overflows from these two little scruffy fur-babies. Cant help but smile when they greet me every day after wo
My fave part of this picture? The toothy gap in Silas wide smile. 😀 Grateful for friends and parties and eleven year olds today! And tots who pee and p
Flash back Friday and face Friday all in one?! OKAY! 🙌🏻😁
Sometimes its useful to look back, to see how far youve come. The picture on the left w
Small kids gathering this afternoon. You cant go wrong with yellow cake and chocolate buttercream. Childhood staple.
Happy Fluff Butt Friday!!! Our little peach showing us her sweet moves! Miley Cyrus has nothing on her! Have a great day! #fluffbuttfriday #fluffychick #ba
Eleven?! ...ELEVEN!!! This happened to my firstborn this week and I was the one in shock about the eleven. She is more than one could hope for in a daughte
Neon Nikes.... need I say more 😆
Super interested to see the answers on this one 😁

Feeling very Zen today. Take care of yourself and find your happy. We only have a few of these amazingly soft tanks left. Grab one before they are all gone
Roxanne and Jeremy love baseball.  A lot.  And, its on their bucket list to visit all of the baseball stadiums.  How cool is that?? So, obviously, a baseb
San Diego blooms. Coronado is so pretty during the Spring.
PS... if all goes according to plan, I am opening my doors next month. So much needs to happen b
Even though my daughter is turning into a teenager, I love that she still wants to be like me... even matching clothes. I try to live my life in a way to h
Trampled Beauty or Perseverance on Park Ave?
Heavenly Father, thank you for the perfect love you have given me. For giving me hope.  In the stillness a
Hey there, cutie. 👉 Funny story about llamas: Silver decided she is afraid of them. Last night Pippa was saying she was scared to be in her room alone.
Some days it feels like its difficult to get to the end of the day. I sometimes have to push through. Its hard and we have so much going on right now but
Todays dose of happy is brought to you by @carolinagaleckas 😘

Cardio & Coffee ♥️👟🍵