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Tie dye Maine! This original 8x10 watercolor is available in my shop - link in profile! If you would like me to paint your favorite state like this, let me
Garden centre obsessive over here! ☝🏼
Around the castle // Все бы хорошо на этой картинке, если бы не зеленый фонтан рядом с лебедями
House name series: Casa Eleniana
Sundays are one of my fav days, a day for reflection, review and self care. 
What went right? What am I grateful for? 
Whats next? Who do I need to be? 
Wishing I was back here
Che Wicky Priyan discenda da una famiglia di medici Ayurvedi si vede dallattenzione con cui maneggia ogni singolo ingrediente del suo Bonsai, ma lamore
The sun is out and the coffee is hot which means its gonna be a great Sunday ☀️
My favorite mermaid!we really need a beach day!
I wandered lonely as a cloud... - Sunset skies 💯for the run home. 🌥