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Traveling has obviously aged me 👵🏻 While it may seem as though Ive put on a few pounds from all the pastries Ive been eating I am in fact just wear
Desperately Seeking 🌞
Still standing 🇳🇿📷
Totally lives up to its reputation! Bali, youre amazing! 🌴💙 #graceytraveldiaries
Whats better than a #winetasting? A #wine pairing. Ooh #CapeTown you really know how to make a girl feel good. Thank You #Neethlingshofestate for the #won
Big City of Dreams 🗽
Guess why Donostia-San Sebastián is the gourmet paradise! 🤔
👉🏻 One of the coolest things to do in the city is to hop from one Pintxos Bar to the
Can you guess which one is my next #destination:
- Alaska
- Puerto Rico
- England
- France
* I am in the midst of creating a very big project. It will be r
This photo makes me happy...I miss Thailand and its beautiful people ✨
For the ones that wonder about the size of the @kobrastreetart mural in Río de Janeiro... you can have an idea now 😳😱
#kobra #streetart #artst
Sagrada La Familia is Barcelonas must visit every tour guides list kinda spot! But look inside, Im standing above a mirror here, observing the columns of
Sometimes we confuse happiness with contentment. 
By happiness we define those strong euphoric moments that we are longing for over and over again. As quic
Pizza in Naples... what could be better 🍕🍕🍕 #backpackingbabe #naples #italy
Peak-a-boo with galata tower 🇹🇷 #istanbul #turkey #spontaneouscathy
Cuantos historias portaran estos lugares? Años pasan y siguen aquí emanando belleza 🏛 How many stories are carrying these places? the years will conti
Tag a friend you would ride these swings with
DM me immediately if you find these photos 😂
A confession about the next location on www.lifeoutthere.co.uk ;)