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and you’ve blown out all your candles one by one
and you curse yourself for things you’ve never done...🌾🌒🏔
@ni_nig  went live a little while ago and I couldnt help but sketch along. I just love how she does her shading 😄! Had to absorb the skill. It may not
Recycling a post of this sketch I did see back. Was really proud of the detail, I often never go so detailed. Onward with learning!
Any suggestions for thi
Rise up this morning, smiled with the rising sun. Three little birds pitch by my doorstep singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true. 🕊☄️🌔
Испытываю Paint Tool Sai 2. Пока не знаю, как перенести сюда кисти из первого, чтоб они работ
Lol. Tried to make it seem like theres a storybook kind of feel to it. I was supposed to use watercolors but I forgot to bring my watercolor set today so.
Sometimes the rivers flow too fast and I can only swim so fast. Then life swims away youll catch it one day. ☄️🌊🍯
Loving @luanna s coachella looks 😍
Entry by @siennastarr_16 .
. ・・・
Shes finally done and sold after about a month! 6x6 square mandala with a watercolor background! I love it and I
CHICAGO - April 25TH
Message for rates & availability ♡

LOOKING FOR FREE STUDIO SPACE to shoot on the 24th // 5 hours max. Please message with details!
I dont even like sprinkles.
Since I just woke up from a short sleep, Im posting this piece from my recent IG stories.
Ive finished watching all 13 episodes of 13 Reasons Why and I