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An other trail day on #picodevara the highest point of #saomiguel 
This one was noted as hard and we understood why ! 
More than 3 hours climbing and 5 h
Around every corner awaits moments of wonder 📷❤
Friyayy!! Do you have plan for this weekend? 🌿💚
Goodmorning from Santorini! This was definitely the most gorgeous sunset!✈️ #Santorini #vliegen #zonsopgangopznbest
Kuo Angkor Wat šventykla ir skruzdėlynas panašūs? Abu primena kūgį, abu pilni judėjimo nuo ryto iki vakaro, abiejose eismas vyksta mažomis grupelė
The road to Queenstown, New Zealand 2017
Speicherstadt Hamburg where trading exotic things is still taking place #hamburg #trading #buildings #germany
This pic was taken at a shrine to a familys ancestors. We came by on a holiday where people remember and honour the dead. The entire extended family was a
There are many different types of warriors. As beautiful @angelayogini often asks in her classes,what warrior do you want to be, a warrior of peace?. Mak
Crumble, now available on my new print store! The link is in my bio and theres a decent amount for sale to celebrate 👍🏼👍🏼