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Throwing it back to Christmas Day 2016; went to Mueller Hutt and got a white Christmas! Yes the white gold was still up there! Watched amazing avalanches o
Yeşil yollara aşığım...ve kuş seslerine ve yaprağı titreten rüzgara ve deniz kokusuna ve ve ve...doğanın her bir
Fotoğraflarımızı #kadrajkaradeniz etiketi ile paylaşalım.. Fotograf: @ahmet.erdem
. ✪#turkinstagram ✪#portraitmood ✪#ig_mood ✪#turkishfol
Who wants to play hide and seek? 😈😂
Have a great night!!
Look at this lil guy. I spent ages just watching him do his thing. Then I did a little research into them. They can live for up to 23 years and some that a
Hes growing up too fast!
Fly to the moon 🌙