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New wheat paste by @sacsix for #underhillwallsbk in Prospect Heights curated by @jeffbeler and @artface7
Levitating in order to avoid staring at Death straight in the face. 🎨: @albertusjoseph 📷: @shallweelee
we learned to speak in silence, and say I love you in a single glance
-mark anthony .
#nycphotography #graffiti #tagging #streetart #streetartnyc #ny
Handpainted mural by @madsteez Part of the Sounds like you  series for Pandora music that features an artist next to a P collage of albums that they th
@chrisrwk working on his new mural for #underhillwallsbk
A message on fascism from @mythny in Bushwick, BK 4.26.17
CRASH! Fresh New York State of Mind by @NickWalker_art + @CrashOne at the @St_ArtNow wall on Ludlow & Delancey Street on the Lower East Side, New York.
A @frank_ape sandwich, with some yummy @praxis_vgz bread 🍞found on Flushing Ave., BK 4.26.17