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Lets face it, things happen, life throws curve balls! It could be that it is a big life event that bites you on the bum OR that you get to that straw tha
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Love $ex dream$-@asaprocky
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4.29.17 x Life is better when you think. 🎈🇦🇪
Inspiration du jour ! #Motivation
Good Morning From The East Side 🔥☀️
Beautiful girl @megankgale ♡ ✩✩
¡Buenos días y feliz fin de semana! 😝 Soñemos junt@s que desayunamos en un sitio tan bonito como este jejeje 😂 un beso!! 💋

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You can really do whatever you want, you just need to believe its possible and you can make it. Dont listen to losers when they say you cant make it.
• Les visages du collectif •.Marion Saupin /// photographe . Le rêve, létrange et le bizarre.
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The master has failed than the beginner has even tried
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Cannot wait to spend the day with these 2 amazing children of mine who make me so proud ...
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