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Ive been using #doterra #breathe #essentialoil alot lately. My asthma has been bad and my sinuses are constantly blocked. I been using this many ways: 💦
And todays Spotlight shines on: 🍋#doTERRAs #LEMON #EssentialOil 🍋 
Yesterday I mentioned Lemon’s cleansing properties, when taken internally... D
home all alone... Its diffuser time... #Doterra #EssentialOils #linkinbio👉💻
Emotional blend I made yesterday. #massageblend - The oil of relaxation  #geranium - The oil of love and trust #sandalwood - The oil of sacred devotion, my
Helping my sister move house today and got all the diffusers going. The new house is clean but not dōTERRA clean 💜
Purify and On Guard are cleansing an
Can you even believe tomorrow is May? Like, what? This is just a reminder that May 2nd is the last day to order to get your shipment before Mothers Day!
One of my favorite gentle oils for kids is Roman Chamomile and my favorite way to use it is in a teething oil blend. I make it very diluted so I can rub a
Ok friends I need your help‼️ So since I got sick, I now have what they call a moon face 🌕 and the swelling is worse some days, also my hair got Cur
Pop-up kits! (Only 2 available)
Alright everyone, we are one evening away from May and Id like to start off the month by GIVING you the opportunity to
Uplifting fresh and cleansing, dōTERRA citrus oils are incredible: they represent the fruits that come from our spring flowers. #citrus #doterra #essentia
A guide to blending essential oils. Its hard to know sometimes what oils go well together so heres a helpful graphic to give some incite on what to blend
In April, I started using the Doterra Shampoo and Conditioner, my hair has been feeling and looking great!

Primary Benefits

Provides deep conditioning to
Education with essential oil use is SO IMPORTANT. I cannot stress that enough. Would you open up a medicine cabinet and take a pill without knowing what it
Need emotional assistance in your life? doTERRAs Emotional Aromatherapy line not only smells DIVINE, but these six proprietary essential oil blends are wo
Diffusing blends! This is amazing, the energizing boost I need after a wonderful weekend away with my friends (lots of laughs, little sleep and I have stuf
What does one who is slightly frugal,  loves nature and DIY concoctions do on a lazy Sunday afternoon... creates her own turmeric, lemon and honey mask and
These two made their way into our laundry detergent. Heres a secret... I havent bought store bought detergent (especially the EXPENSIVE chemical free kin
All citrus oils, & blends containing citrus oils are photosensitive & should not be worn in the sun. If you want to wear a citrus oil when youll be out in
Weve been making these little cuties for years and they still make me smile! Our delivery customers love them and we love that they love them!
(Organic yo
Drinking beers talking oils. #makingdreamsreality 😏
#doterra #doterralove #essentiaoils #craftbeer #brews #oilsandales #claremont