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Ta-da... I dont know what I was aiming for but here is the final product 😊 .
#ArtimationStudios #art #sketches #painting #digitaldrawing #me
connor murphy from dear evan hansen
omfg i just absolutely love this musical! especially sincerely me its my favourite song from deh. i love connor to
Spam gambar lagi.. 😅 progress dr semasa ke semasa. .
#dotnad #artlovers #artmalaysia #sayalukiswajah #dotnadproject #drawing #digitalart #digitaldrawi
A shot from my old #picturebook, Hello, goodbye from 2014. Its old but the characters and creatures are still the same! 😉💕 #originalcharacters
Is it still legal to draw Undertale.
Ok but honestly I enjoyed the game and have some amazing memories with it. The game itself isnt bad. The fandom turne
#atsushisakurai #bucktick #visualkei  #vkei #digitalart #digitaldrawing #digitalpainting #wacom #櫻井敦司 I wanted to express my love for him through a
hey friends! sorry Ive been AWOL, Ive been finishing deadlines and traveling to the states and recovering from my jet lag. heres a lil quick sketch to s
My brother wears a wedding ring on his little finger.

Many see it weird—a wedding ring is supposes to be worn on a ring finger, or that a heart surgeon
Sadness II - tristeza - 470,000 people died in Syria this month according to statistics. Among these many should be playing there instruments at the time o
Its not a hard gig when you get to draw this little stunner 😍😍 @gzac xx
Woahh😻 i cant believe she is me and Mini (bcs shes cute af) lol
Thankyou kak @denny_okuta and your magic hands🌌
And you guys please check his accoun