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Its true what they say about being around people with positive energy and happy attitudes will give you the same feeling. Amber who is an events coordinat
Lance-toi 😀
Je peux taider à atteindre tes objectifs quels quils soient ! ✔
Qui veut être mon prochain résultats ? 🤔👊
Favorite oblique exercise 🎥
Working on that back 🐍
Get ready! 
#TrueRESTDetroit #floattherapy #ultimaterelaxation 🙏 to @igmeditation for the repost!
Tag a friend who is this hungry 😂
Fitmeal.at - dein gesunder Lieferdienst!  High protein🍗🍴🍲 ready meals in ganz Österreich geliefert📦📬
Motivated Monday!🙌🏻 This girl got her butt out of bed this morning for some MMA speed!

Working on starting the week off right, and the next 30 days
Il est dur de se motiver tous les jours quand on sait que le chemin est long.
La motivation peut partir tellement vite, il suffit dun coup de fatigue, une
What are your goals for the week ahead? Have you set any? Even if its just a small one set a goal for the week ahead. This will push and motivate you to w
The only person that can say you have time is yourself.
Driving with your legs while injured or if you need to access weapons. For educational purposes only. 😎 #silat