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Do reasons matter when theres nothing that can be done to change things.
Langkawi, 2017
Baha do muje in lehro mein 
Mai bhi zara seekhun
Kaise badhti aage lagatar , chaahe raah mein rode aae hazaar. 
Bina naav
• Mushaiyra •
The antidote to exhaustion isnt rest, its nature. The sunsets. The sunrise. The leaves fluttering and dancing to the music of the winds. Its the rose pe
Just another sunrise starting a long weekend in city!!
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Here gechi ami ebar, 
Nibe geche shob ashar aalo,
Sukie murchito shob ichhe fuler gaach,
Shopno dekhbar ghor guloe,
Jege thaka r kaalo raat er rajotto,