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Tell me I cant, I will show you I will. Break me and I will heal and  come back 10x stronger. I am #derermined to be the BEST person I can be. When I look
Same shorts. First pic taken in December 2016. Second pic- today- April 2017. 4 months progress. Whoop! That is why progress pics are great- I knew there w
Schools out!

Having so much fun helping this little munchkin start riding his bike with no stabilizers!! #derermined #positiveMummy #excitedlittleboy
Ruby practicing her free walkovers in the garden today #gymnastics #sunnysunday #daughters #derermined
This week I only lost 1/2lb and I was gutted! But then today I saw this... 1/2lb of fat next to a 10p and I realised that any loss is still a loss and that
@derrimcinteggart leg super-set day, at one stage I think Im going to cry , but still cracked on. A lovely person who grafts hard 👏🏼👏🏼👏
So what started off as an #redpeppers #spinach #Feta #egg #omelette but yet ended up as #scrambledeggs #dish 😜all well it was still a #Delicious #lunch
Be the gold standard and bring the gold standard to life. Represent something and never forget what you represent when life hits you with adversity. Life i
Quando acho que era impossível vem Deus e mostra o teu milagre, por ironia do destino tive que correr o 1° trecho e pela graça de Deus e cansado, conseg
Only MOs 4th HIIT session, one extremely determined lady, getting herself fitter & stronger for an extremely busy summer period. #HIIT #resistancebands #C
Truly blessed that my son is so awesome at managing his Type 1 Diabetes. Its a struggle but he hardly ever complains. ❤️⠀
#blessed ⠀
Titrated weight by 90 lbs with 4 x10 reps then decreases by the same .... feeling my quads, hampstrings, and GLUTES!!! Feeling that increasing burn ! Love
Loving all the amazing feedback Ive been getting. Love creating these little gems! Will  be going melt mad over the next few weeks as soon I get my delive
Sometimes leg days are hard for me but you gotta keep at it 💪🏼#norestdays #legday🍑 #teamtopamania #gym#workoutswag #derermined @topamania best coa