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GPC states wrap up part one.
Better late than never here are the totals and a quick write up of the 10 awesome lifters I had the privilege of coaching at G
Let me just say that todays leg workout was f**king brutal!! But other then that I would just like to give a shout out to @kidbarber_ for the nice fresh c
Homemade Almond Cappucino ☕️❤️ Its no Starbucks but if you dont have a coffee machine at home and are a student who wants to save money this does
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Huge huge thank you to everyone who supported our #dayofthedeadlifts initiative to raise funds for #magsed
Rio, 24/04/17
Wod 480

A) Mobility 
Hollow Rock 2x12 
Gym Bridge 2x20
Scapular Stability 2x12
Agility Sprint 3V 
Rope Climb 3x 3-5
Rowing + B
Today we made it #softsuitmonday to get used to it for comp day. Peak week coming up, todays session was working for 2 x 3 at my opening lift weight (or w
PRATIQUE EXERCÍCIOS DE FORÇA TOTAL. Eu posso ajudar a formar 📲 071991949778
LifeStyle Coach @henrique.gym5 
#gym5 #lif
God is my strength. #squateveryday Day 5. Cut going well 111.8KG down 7.5KG so far. Solid squat session went.
200KG 441 LB Highbar Shown
175KG 385LB 4x4 Sh
Nothing to fear, just do it and be better.🦍
#liftforlife #liftforfun #loveyourself #gym #strength #deadlift #happymonday
This is an incredible burner for your hammies. Getting your balance right is half the work, but it is basically a single leg deadlift. Once you get the mov
#deadlift #powerlifting
You Work, you sweat, you get challenged to The Brink of defeat, you swear. BUT! Always remember to smile when you have succeeded! 💪🏻🏋🏼 #me #loo
Hitting some deadlift with 🔹110kg/250lbs🔹not a bad number, it is around 180% my own body weight. A clean technique is needed to perform this drill. S
Soooo. After a frankly embarrassing show of my first deadlift a few weeks ago, I have decided to embark on a deadlift program. This morning I had my own de
Enfin un run poseeyyyy... lol.

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Well atleast I still got some leg gains 👌🏻
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