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🌹🌹🌹 This Beautiful Choker is Handmade from Vintage Necktie and Decorated with Hand rolled Fabric Rose and Blue Goldstone Bead. One - off❗️Comm
Always, always, always believe in yourself. Because if you dont, who will sweetie? -Marilyn Monroe 🌞💖🌸🎩
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Such an amazing weekend celebrating this amazing woman! Happy birthday, sis! 👯 #birthday #party #sydney
P O L K A . D O T . C O C O
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make a statement without saying a word #polkadotcoco ori
Its not Thursday, but Im going to throw it back anyways because I love you ladies. Heres to one of my most favorite days ever with a few of my most favo
Adding stylist to my resume: Client #1- Refining my nephews onstage look by using a blazer he already owns; adding crew neck tees, bermuda shorts and fa
If you have a vision, write it down, set goals do whatever the fuck you need to do. Make it come to life because when it does..... its the most amazing fe
Not in Dublin? Check www.bebravetextiles.com❗️We ship our Products Worldwide❗️#bebravetextiles #supportsmallbusiness #fabulousday #hapennymarket #s
Super NatL long-sleeve blue button up with patterned sleeves. Size: XS . 45% Cotton 55% Polyester. I love this shirt so definitely want a good home for it
Great rising love one......When I look to the right and know Im going toward the right path of not only being a better person but being the best version o