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To all the Delena and Stelena shippers. This ones for you💕. Who do you ship more? 
Q:Stelena or delena? 

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Can anyone PLEASEEE send me the link to ae ??
[ 2x04 - Memory Lane ]
Q- Did you like Mason?
A- not really 
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Hot Elena scenes 
Comment requests on our request video 
cc gabi (edited)

- Alex and Manny were so cute I loved him 
Manny kin 💞
[ Via Ian & Nikkis Instagram]
Im so happy for them, 2 years of marriage 😍
No humanity Elena || cant get you out of my head
Day 26:
Q: Favorite song played on TVD. 
A: Hunger and Never Say Never. I love Hunger so much but I dont like the scene specifically because its Delena.
Who turned you into a vampire?

Like my last post to find out and the last digit is your number!
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— my baby 
cr; @dobrevduh
Ian Somerhalder chatting with fans on April 17, 2017 in Beijing, China. 🇨🇳
i think imma deactivate.