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Whats your favorite way to use a feelings chart? Im a school counselor, so its my job to help kiddos talk about their feelings. I have my Funny Food Fee
Our #MidWeekMessage comes from Archangels Chamuel and Azrael.
In all things, choose love. From lending an ear to counseling someone, from protesting t
This today. THIS. 💕⠀
📷: @thebalancedblonde
What are the secrets to a happier, healthier marriage? Comment down below what you think keeps a marriage alive and thriving! Also click the link in the bi
In the 1990s, an Italian judge overturned a rape conviction because they believed the victims jeans were so tight, she had to have helped her perpetrator
@mountainxpress latest edition reminded me of @selfmademanofficials podcast with Verne Harnish last month. They discussed buying businesses as sometimes b
Becky😍😍😍Ⓜ️💯🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥 Shes totally my therapist,my counselor,my best friend,my love of my life❤️...and she is my ☕️c
si uno no ama no está cerca de la luz (juan 1...)
y sí, a la idea hay que llevarla a cabo no es amar a una pareja solamente pues muchos no la tenemos
The 2 hours spent in line was worth it! The past three years has changed my life for the better. I am ready to go out there and purse my passion. #counselo
Right now, someone that you know, possibly you, is currently suffering in silence, too afraid or ashamed to admit how they truly feel to their loved ones.
Happy Wednesday another day to make your dreams a reality. Everyone is working on goals , but having the right mindset is so important for the ending. A qu
Good morning beautiful people! Get up! Get out! Go Be who God called you to be. Be the light! #MorningVibes #AllSmiles #purposedrivenlife #Baker #Counselor
In honor of my last day as a Middle School Counseling intern at Shepherd Middle School, Im sharing this gold beanie that I made and donated to a student i
Typically, I try to choose words of the week that give us labels for things we are searching for.  This weeks word is more about what we dont want to hav
What is your life attitude? ◀ ▶ What side do you choose? - How will you know what youre capable of if you never test yourself?
- Do I need to? Why can