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Im not into in the Art 🎨🎭 but I like this artist @death_nyc located in NYC. DEATH stands for Dont Easily Abandon The Hope. Growing up in New York
Next weekend is my final exhibition in the Illawarra area as I will be relocating my home and art Studio to Queensland. Ill post more details about the ex
Another nice find by @ramanaso at the Society & Culture group show @meettheartists_ @creativedebuts
Introducing a couple of Carmella the Cows offspring...Cassandra and Cole! These little ones are mooooving to Greenville, SC tomorrow for the @bocoart show
New number who dis? Art by one to watch @mamamanvz at the Society & Culture group show @meettheartists_ @creativedebuts
Some free gifts will be given to our donors at the opening night next Friday! Thank you all for your support!👏🏼👏🏼We welcome more people to join
Author and philosopher Dr. Douglas Rushkoff on the magic of podcasting. From mind meld 44 with @douglasrushkoff and @michaelgarfield Catch it at thirdeyedr
Movement series *12 | 8x10 | 70 Each #ktartart#performaceart
I found this in 18th centurys room at Manchester Art Gallery. I asked them Why this is here? and They said We dont konw, and we cant take it off! ha
Artist: @waspelder and @abcdefghelens .
Beautiful mural commenting on construction of home and what that means, with a gift of perspective and formal eleme
#kichapi plot- frogs mocks(are frogs i draw as a tribute to all those innocent lives taken by senseless terrorist attacks, and a protest to those cowards s