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This is a woodblock I carved into a chrysanthemum. Ive made many prints with it but consider it a thing of beauty in and of itself. What would you do with
Hooray! Its the long-awaited much-anticipated Teeny Tiny Art Time! Huzzah! Ive been wanting to make some tiny ATCs (artist trading cards) influenced by m
Ill be painting while the Symphony plays THIS Sunday!! Come on out and experience fine art and music entwining! #art #artist #artistic #music #musically #
Here we find a piece of metal I embossed and mounted on a cradled wood support. Note how I echoed the pattern of the metal in the surrounding paint. When y
Once again, folks, its... bum de da bum....Teeny Tiny Art Time! (Yaaay!) this is my stylized version of the succulent plant, hen and chicks. What dya thi
A section of the lower spine painting I did for the good spine doctor. This is charcoal and acrylic paint in a bed of gold, which I antiqued. Named it Old
My solo show in The Woodlands is less than two weeks away! Mention Instagram at the party for ten percent off any artwork.  See YOU there! Crisp in The Woo
Spring is in the aire, and hearts turn toward spring things. Like buying my cheery landscapes. Heres a cutaway of one for sale at colorcatstudios101.etsy.