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Little bit of a closer view of The Dunafon Castle. I want to go back in the daytime when the lighting is better. Oh, and I want to live there. 😄😊😍
1/15/17: my first airplane ride & I met my hoomans ! It was a big day for such a little fluff ball.
COMING SOON: Littleton Station Condos and Townhomes | 1950 W Littleton Blvd & 1945 W Lilley | Mid-7s & Mid-4s Visit http://bit.ly/2oJqbeQ for details. Link
Got out for a quick turkey hunt after school last night. We did see one hen, elk and few deer. Nothing dead yet though. #turkeyhunting #turkey #glassing #e
It was a pleasure getting to go with @Melameeee outside for her first time the other day. This was the classic Lunch Money in Clear Creek.
Are you fan of chocolate, fruits, nuts or all of the above? 🌻🍫🍭Check out @mountainmannutandfruitco! -
#howdoyoumountainman #mountainmannutandfru
Dear Colorado,
Please bring us Summer.
Yours Truly, Kathryn #seriouslythough #imtiredofwearingboots #stillloveyou #coloradolife
The first half of yesterday was actually super shitty. School & everything else tried to ruin our day. But its hard to be grumpy when you see this ✨🏜
A couple weeks ago I enjoyed a porter I now cant remember the name of after downing a honey IPA just for these wildflowers that will help with the bee pop
Repost: @modglinrealestategroup Check out these awesome coffee shop reviews in the Baker Neighborhood! You might just find one of our Modglin Realtors sip
Misty Mountains ☁️🗻🏔☁️
#colorado #coloradolife #snow #winter #spring #photography #landscape #mountains #be
If you dont like where youre at... CHANGE IT. ❤
3 years ago I was insecure. Unhireable. Uncomfortable. Ashamed. Depressed. Negative. Frustrated. Unfu
My Merch Score From The Show Last Night! It was a badass show and everyone killed it! Great to meet and talk to everyone! Also a Big Happy Birthday To The
not sure how Im going to manage being back in the Midwest after this CA and CO vacation 😭