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Closeup portrait of beautiful @feelfitbysilvia 
MUA: @makeupmadness107 #photographerireland #portraitphotographer
Что ни сестра у меня - то красотка! Иринка-картинка в новом портретном объективе 🌿🌿
More sticks
One of the first pictures i think I ever took of Someone with A DSLR I think it was a Sony a200 with a 18-70mm stock lens.Photos a little off center, I had
📷📷Anteprima della sessione pomeridiana della giornata fotografica a Milano con Paola
Small preview of the afternoon photo session in Milan w
📷📷Anteprima quasi live della sessione fotografica mattutina con Nora a Milano..📷📷 Almost live preview of the Milan photo session with Nora..
Jim 16 x 20. Getting close #Portrait #CloseUpPortrait #ManPortrait
Красивущая Катя!) вчера был трудный и долгий рабочий день, к тому же испортилась пого
Ritratto femminile tratto dalla sessione fotografica Vintage Como Lake con Gaja 📷 🌏 Woman portrait photo from the Vintage Como Lake shooting with Gaj
Ritratto femminile non ritoccato tratto dalla sessione fotografica sul Lago di Como con Alessandra 📷 🌏 A not retouched woman face photo from a Como L