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Libertà 🌸🌼
Devadasi part -2 The new world
Kalo ini wajar ngambek karena memang seram😜 #climax #waterbom sayang telat rekamnya.
Da buona fan di questa autrice, anche nella mia libreria è giunto finalmente il meraviglioso libro #theglitteringcourt di #richellemead!
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Got chatting to a colleague about my love for fiction. Then he brought in and let me borrow a selection of his favourite sci-fi quick reads! Warms the hear
Yuk merapat ke @kenobispace malam ini ada diskusi buku Great Expectations dan pemutaran film adaptasi karya David Lean. Ada nobel Great Expectations juga
Every book opens a whole new world - enjoy the journey!
 ses çıkaranın, sessiz olandan güçlü olduğunu zannediyorsanız ? yanılıyorsunuz  . . . EE . . . #HashTags #author #bestoftheday #book #books #bo
Charity shop find. The amount of crap I have to search through to find something worthy. And for £1.
Leeds, coming to Ife ...
@sheyibabaeko, hope youre coming too...
Te Pido Que Me Mires A Los Ojos Como Nunca Lo Has Hecho Con Nadie.

Att: @invierns (Libro: Un Paraguas Roto)