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Can I go back to San Antonio?¿
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you were more than just a dream, you were out of my league.
behind blue eyes...
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Lucifer Adesso; 
23. 60. Engaged. Father to a boy and two pups. Yall know the rest. Introduce yourselves, dm me, whatever the hell you want.
so theres this boy and hes pretty cute and kind and compassionate and loving and funny and laughs at my jokes that are pretty lame plus so much more, and
HIHIIIIII BRAXTON !!!!! Its me your bestfriend or whatever you call me.youre so lucky to have someone like me cause Im awesome.but youre also awesome I
(temporary intro while i make my vid edit fuck u)
cai mariella rose;
seventeen year old clumsy baby with a love for bees and outer space. needs constant at
JESS CAMBRIDGE 💸💵 1998 / #o / boy & girl kisser / aries / humorous / blackbear, the weekend, ed sheeran, jungkook and arctic monkeys enthusiast / 53
looking for friends
happy happy girl
Im honestly just so numb. The last time I felt this heart broken was when me and Harley broke up for the final time. And yall know how that went... lmao.
{comment your name for a tbh}
sup yall. dustin is the name, hunting is the game. im a thirty-one year old country music artist from tennessee. commonly kn
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀༎⠀Ꭶ e ᴄ υ r e ᴅ⠀இ⠀Ꮿ r ι ᴛ ι ɴ g s⠀༎
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀✧┆Ꭱose x Ꭺdam┆✧
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19 / scorpio / old romance movies / puppies / constellations / nobodys girl / boys &
i regret ever meeting you sometimes lmao. then no heartbreak :))
I think I got myself in trouble 
So I fill the bath with bubbles 
Then Ill put the towels all away 
Shouldve never said the word love 
Threw a toaster in
Gena Perkins; 
Born and raised in South Carolina, a goofball and may sometimes be a judgmental person who always knows how to lay back and have fun. She do