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How to win #summershots : Flaunt your Assets. 😉😃😄 Thanks for these amazing shots @thenaixmontero 😄

#pool #jacuzzi #everysummerhasastory
Доброе утро! ☀️ Сегодня наш профессиональный праздник! День ТАНЦА💃🏼🎉 Я поздравл
Feeling a little bit cute in my dolce rose dress for work today. Trying to hide my pincurls under my scarf so I can hopefully manage a great wet set brush
🥂💋🥂Cheers to a great weekend! 
Photo @dianawking 
MU&Hair @dio_mua 
Styling @casdemayo
Life is for living in the moment, Quitting comparison & following your heart..
Im so ready for Balties Trip, Baliiii 🌸! #positivevibes #beautybeyondsiz
About to rest up for tomorrows runway show for #TheTopLadiesOfDistinction! 💃

I have the pleasure of representing Meme Braboy of MHOD, M
Focusing, breathing, trying not to panic.  Finding space, finding solace... Breathe ... Breathe. Anxiety is a cruel mistress. This is what I look like when
I am not this hair
I am not this skin
I am not your expectations no, no
I am not my hair
I am a soul that lives within
#somethingsabouther #stahfamily #i