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Legs & @coach
📸 @zeinabkristen
The truth is, I dont really like Shanghai. The idea of Shanghai is better than the reality. Yet, such rapid visible change is fascinating for a historian.
Raw image from yesterdays shoot with the lovely diller photography👏🏽💕. Had a lovely morning shoot with @mark_scott_images at Roslin glen, look fo
Enjoying the warm sunshine at the park today. So happy we have one within walking distance. 🌞
Cold air. Dark night. Warm fire. Bright stars.

A perfect night at Sibay Island.

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Last one before printing.
Walking in the morning.
Back in the kennels yesterday for the last shoot on this project.
When people get me nice gifts, I like to take photos of them 🥃
Stairway to heaven
See you after break St. Maarten!