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At work 
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Chilis first day at home.

Portland, Oregon

Canon 5d Mark III
Canon 35mm F/1.4L II

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Self portrait of Chili and me. Its hard to get an 8 week old puppy to sit still for a picture.

6:09 pm
Portland, Oregon

Canon 5d Mark III
Spotted loads of Easter eggs left on the shelves still, hope everyone is enjoying them as much as this lovely fellow!
Bryce Canyon NP is  among the most alien environments Ive ever explored. The main attraction is an amphitheatre filled with thousands of hoodoos, and oddl
Bluebell Hill --------------- Were halfway into Bluebell season and its fair to say social media has been saturated with bluebell images!! With this in m
Some very exciting news this week... We were contacted by the lovely people at @sleeptightbabiesaustralia who are the Australian distributor for  the Lulla