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Today Im trying to practice what Im reading about in How Not To Die. But since being completely vegan is difficult for me, I tried a Pescatarian diet whi
For #100daysofupsidedownart day 5 I did #UrbanSketching of a New York City view! ☺ #JoyfulInNYC
Heres a little peek into how Ive been plowing through these escort cards. I usually dont use pencil first and just use a laser to keep my lines straight
There is not one part of this song I dont love. The lyrics perfectly captivate what one feels after trying to move forward. One of my favorite parts of th
Freestylin at 6x speed! 🏃
Start each day like is your birthday! @dreams.by.hand  is working on some very cute birthday cards! Go follow her and check her work! .
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• 24th April •
HOW TO: fake calligraphy🖊
I use it a lot so I thought it would be cool to do a little tutorial. This actually took me a lot of time t
I have a new blog post up on my website (link in bio) || what happens when inspiration comes and it’s not what you want, or expected? What happens when
Progetto per un nuovo disegno.  Lidea è di realizzare due disegni fatti come le vetrate delle chiese, uno con la morte che prende la forma della luna e l
Youre kind of awesome. Really! Give yourself some credit and R&R today 🍷✨ #calligraphy #youreawesome
Hi guys! Ive been taking a second to recharge, and in that quiet, I have found space for something that has been on my mind for a long time. #ourlovenotepr
Sending some positivity!!! 🖋 #calligraphy #calligraphyvideo
Just a little Monday morning reminder 🤗 #letteringwithpositivity @lettering_with_positivity
Hi there! I am Courtney. (@courtneycasper.letters) and this little project of mine is becoming OUR little project. I have been asked many times HOW to be a
Final product. I actually had balloons on the bottom left corner too but I didnt wait for it to dry therefore balloons started to bleed into one another
Oh my! First #letteringvideo! I held my phone while timelapsing this birthday wish for my mom.