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love /ləv/ 
1. an intense feeling of deep affection. 

there is a lot more that i feel, than just love. i dream one day, some creative person c
My theme is done!!
I want a girl I can treat like a princess
Hello! My name is Tori and Im 19 years old. I am a singer and live in Santa Ana, California. Im single and bisexual but leans more towards girls. I love
Neither of our models but oh well. Abby let me just start this off by saying I love you. There is nothing in the world that could take me away from you. Yo
hello my beautiful girl!
the time has finally come where i am having the balls to do this wow why am i so nervous. youre the most amazing girl i have ever
be my friend because i got a ticket to rat boy and life is good lol
[ comment stay gay for a tbh ]
1998. equal rights activist. brit. gemini. 56. LESBIAN. lover of natalia. prefers if you call her