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Clean, stunning shot by @mmeyers76
Put ya back into it like ya grandma do it
• Senior Portrait Session •
Hier zeig ich euch nun auch schon das erste Ergebnis aus dem Shooting mit Gabi und @elea_somnium_momentum. Es hat wahnsinnig viel Spaß gemacht und es wird
Really, its the unknown that keeps us moving forward. 🚀
🖤 In my story of today you can see how Im editing the pictures for the @vivelhomme lookbook shoot. I started at 8  in the morning to read some comments
Had the most amazing time shooting with @dturbeville. Thank you for making it so fun and for being a rockstar - cant wait to do it again! ✌🏻❤️___
J U L E S .
Que poco me gusta que la gente no comente en las fotografías...
Gracias a los que comentéis en esta fotografía diciendo lo que os parece.
Happy birthday, bunso. 😘️🎉️
Often the most powerful statement is your dignified silence... @genevievemorton
Su di noi non crescerà un mai
Ma tu cresci in me
L & V 👰 ❤️ 🤵
♢ Rimel de miel, pa corregir la tristeza ♢ / Nada - Zoé
Gracias a @any.stone por dejarme hacerle este retrato; vayan a su cuenta y sígan