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Spring always arrives later in the mountains, took this just last week while out exploring Wyoming with my awesome dad! The snow had come on rather suddenl
On a recent trip to Alaska we were able to enjoy watching Sea Otters. They are quite adorable and have quite a love of fresh seafood. 💐🙏Thank you so
Mallard Duck Pair - Smooth as Ice
FEB 2017 - I couldnt help but photograph this pair of Mallards. The water was completely smooth. The sky was cloudy bu
#grillin and #chillen😎 on the roof. I am myself again with this weather. #beachplease though. Asap.
Blackburnian Warbler, an oldie from Iosco Co., Michigan. Hearing the songs of the first Yellow Warbler, Blue-headed Vireo & Great Crested Flycatcher today
We made it! Heres the squad catching their breathe and enjoying the epic views. #ChiefChafe #TheGoat #TrailCheese & #YokeyBearTheTinyHorse #RoadToMountGre
We couldnt get out for the #climatemarch but we still believe in getting out and marching or hiking for the environment as often as possible, especially
Thank you so much @lovelydeadcrap for featuring my photo on your beautiful gallery! And very special thanks to @rosesforles for choosing it🙏🏽🙏🏽
Grey Wolf, Northern Manitoba, Canada. 📷 Photo by Ruth Steck as part of our daily #nanpapix feature. Look for more of Ruth’s photography on her Instagr
Its not often you get so close to birds that they fill the frame like this Osprey did. He came flying in so fast and I was stuck at 600mm, so this photo i