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Dia tlah berubah tak seperti dulu menemaniku dan tak ada lagi senyumnya.

Rocket Rockers // Jakcloth 2017 Goes to Malang

#rocketrockers #jakcloth #jakclot
...El universo en llamas, la lluvia en los zapatos. @leivaoficial_  presentando su #monstruostour junto a su querida Leiband (si no se le ocurre cambiar
Passion for music. 
New York 🇺🇸
Wow. Another Swedish band! ;) Björn Gelotte of In Flames (@inflames).⠀
☆ 27.09.2014 @ Studio, Kraków⠀
☆ Check out more on my website: www.marcins
Gitaran dulu😂😂 Ngover lagunya Dan by @sheilaon7 
Maap kalo banyak yang salah😁😁😁 #gitarisina #officialgitarplus #indomusikgram #indocovergr
Surprise! I drove 180 miles total today to go see Two Door in Milwaukee from Chicago just for my own enjoyment, not because I had to work it. But I cant r
@theweeknd #LOTF
// Joan Osborne // BluesFest 2017
Rachel Platten at the Diamond Horseshoe shot for @livenation at The Maxx You Project @tjmaxx