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🌴☀️💕🌺SARDINIA -you are wonderful🌴☀️💕🌺
We got a really cheap flight from Milano to Olbia-THANKS #easyjet ✈️😍 and spent our
Throwback to my New Year holiday 2016/17 w/ good friends in Vilnius, Lithuania 🇱🇹. The picture shows the illuminated Three Crosses. ✝️✝️✝
#Güzel bakan güzel görür, güzel gören hayattan lezzet alır.Yaptığın şeylerden Allah razı ise başkası Ne düşünmüş önemli değil, huzur d
Закат в апреле!!!
В природе все божественно красиво, и Мир спасёт, конечно , красота!!!
you do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown, you travel for the unknown, that reveals you with yourself {Ella Maillart}
Take a stroll through paradise,  where colourful fishing boats rest in tranquil bays and tropical jungles stretch their fingers out to sea. 
Experience mag
Sorry I havent posted in a while...its been a crazy couple of weeks! Anyway, loved seeing this on my way to class! College campuses are so beautiful 😊
Featured artist: @hummingbirdsxo ——————————
The unbeatable view at @mo_bod -cant wait to come back!
My neighbors privet leans over the fence.  When it blooms it smells divine!  It scents the entire backyard with a fragrance similar to asiatic lilies.
Corso di formazione sullolio extravergine di oliva! 
Assaggi e divertimento con la Pecora Nera e la Rosa dei Venti 
#olio #oleona